Customer Communications Assistant

Customer Communications Assistant

  • Post Date:10th June 2024
  • Apply Before: 10th August 2024
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Job Description

Location: Trinity Buoy Wharf
Contract Type: Part-time
Closing Date: 10 August 2024
Salary: Competitive
Hours of Work: 32

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POSITION TITLE: Receptions and Customer Communications Assistant

REPORTS TO: Customer Communications Manager

Uber Boat by Thames Clippers (UBTC) is an inclusive organisation where we respect and value everybody’s contribution. We empower and trust our people to do the right thing. We strive to be excellent in everything we do to be best in class and it is our people that help to make our business a great place to work.


A brilliant opportunity to join Uber Boat by Thames Clippers (UBTC) at a time of significant growth.

UBTC was founded in 1999, initially operating a one boat service from South East to Central London. Today UBTC has a fleet of 21 vessels, serves 24 piers and carries over 4.6 million passengers, providing a unique transport offering to London’s commuters and visitors, connecting them to their homes, places of work and river-side attractions, in an environment that is unmatched by any other form of London transport. UBTC operates the only commuter service on the Thames and occupies a distinct market position for tourist and visitor experiences by linking the majority of riverside attractions. This unique offering extends to private charters and UBTC’s portfolio will deliver sustained expansion both to the East and West London, with a target to grow to 9m annual passengers by 2030. The business is now also moving into light freight logistics which plans to relieve London’s congested road network within the next 3 years.


Primary role – Receptionist

  • Representative for visitors: Manage reception four days a week. Meet and greet visitors at Clipper House, offering beverages and other further assistance they need for a high class service experience.
  • Answering Inbound Calls: Answer incoming calls knowledgeably, handling general inquiries, and providing appropriate responses. Ensure consistent and high customer service standards in telephone interactions.
  • Managing Postal Logistics: Efficiently handle inbound and outgoing post, coordinate courier services, and maintain organised postal collections. Ensure the secure distribution of received and external post.
  • Office Supplies: Manage office supplies, stationery, and consumables, keeping storage organised.
  • Office upkeep: Ensure that the office staff break-out area is kept clean, tidy and in good working order, ensuing the dishwasher is turned on before leaving each evening. Meeting Rooms and guest areas to be set up each morning and refreshed as necessary throughout the day. In conjunction with the Business
  • Manager & EA, take ownership for arranging monthly office team events, with a focus on team engagement.
  • Assisting with Administrative Tasks: Support the office with various administrative duties such as photocopying, filing, travel bookings, word processing, printing, ordering catering and more, as needed.
  • Assisting Business Manager and CEO’s EA: Collaborate with the Business Manager and Executive Assistant to the CEO by assisting with tasks, organising events and formatting documents.
  • Health and Safety Compliance: Ensure compliance with health and safety regulations and the company’s policies, contributing to a safe working environment.
  • Parking Coordination: Coordinate staff and visitor parking allowances and related documentation.
  • Resource Efficiency: Ensure efficient use of materials and resources to reduce waste and cut costs.
  • Commitment to Equality & Diversity: Understand and respect the importance of equality and diversity in the workplace, promoting an inclusive and welcoming environment.

Secondary Role – Customer Communications

  • Responding to Customer Feedback and Complaints: Address customer feedback and complaints promptly, demonstrating empathy and professionalism in your responses, whether through email, CX software, social media, or live chat. Resolve issues effectively and maintain a high standard of customer service.
  • Communicating Delays and Service Changes: Utilise Twitter and Live Departure Screens to communicate any delays, cancellations, or service changes, such as river disruptions and Thames Barrier closures, ensuring passengers are well-informed.
  • Communicating Event and Special Service Numbers: Provide information about event numbers and special service numbers, such as leisure trips and illuminated river tours, to assist customers in booking their trips.
  • Supporting Social Media Strategy: Contribute to the execution of the social media strategy by responding to queries, complaints, and compliments on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Trust Pilot, and TripAdvisor.


  • Act as role model and champion of our company values, assisting the operation to integrate them into local processes and literature
  • Work closely and develop relationships with our local suppliers, relevant industry bodies, universities, colleges and schools to support local employment options
  • Assist in developing and maintaining effective teamwork across our diverse business
  • Ensure that all relevant information is communicated speedily and accurately in a way that ensures that the information is received and easily understood
  • Ensure that all materials and resources are effectively and efficiently utilised to minimise waste and reduce costs
  • Attend events to showcase Uber Boats by Thames Clippers as an employer of choice and build and manage talent pipeline of potential candidates
  • Undertake any other relevant duties or reasonable requests as requested by a member of the senior management team



  • Excellent Communication Skills: Strong verbal and written communication skills are essential for building positive relationships both within the organisation and with customers. Effective communication fosters understanding and trust.
  • PC Literacy: Proficiency in PC usage and software, including MS Office, is important for efficiently carrying out various administrative tasks, document management, and data analysis.
  • Organized and Detail-Oriented: An organised approach and attention to detail are critical for managing administrative tasks, databases, and customer communications. Prioritisation skills ensure that essential tasks are addressed promptly.
  • Experience with Customer Communications: Having experience with handling a high volume of customer inquiries, whether in person or virtually, equips you to effectively address customer needs and resolve issues.
  • Full-Time Commitment: The ability to work full-time at the defined location ensures consistent availability to support customers and perform administrative duties.
  • Adaptability and ‘Hands On’ Approach: A willingness to adapt to changing service demands and take a proactive, hands-on approach is valuable for maintaining a high level of service quality.
  • Team Player: Collaborative and positive teamwork is essential for achieving common goals and maintaining a harmonious work environment.
  • Autonomous Worker: The capacity to work independently and take initiative in solving problems and managing tasks is valuable in an administrative role, especially when addressing customer inquiries and resolving issues.
  • Passion for Communication: A genuine passion for communicating with others, whether internally or externally, can enhance customer interactions and contribute to a positive work atmosphere.
  • Committed to Excellence: A commitment to continual improvement and a desire to exceed standards can drive better performance, customer satisfaction, and overall success in the role.